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Who We Are

We’re a Beer and Wine Distributor based in Los Angeles – meaning, we can distribute fun wine (and beer) all up and down the Golden State.


We usually work with talented, dedicated winemakers who are still small – with the goal of helping to open up their artistry to the world. We love finding people who have an incredible product (who have spent years planting, studying, perfecting, and failing), and helping to bring their beauty to a wider audience. It’s a trip!

Colorado was the start. It was the summer of 2021 when the burgeoning wine industry near his parent’s home in Western Colorado caught the eye of CoVA’s founder. After some conversations and tastings, it became apparent there was something incredible to share with the world. And being based in Los Angeles, it made so much sense to try to break into the market there. 

From there, we've only sought to reach out and bring in more small producers. If that's you -- whether you're in Arizona, Virginia, Nebraska, or beyond -- reach out and chat with us!

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