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Sauvage Spectrum 

Grand Valley, Colorado

Sauvage exists to define what Colorado wine can truly become, and to showcase that beauty to the world. With an elevation just north of 4,700 feet and a climate that’s more diverse and powerful than most may realize, the Grand Valley is able to produce some truly unique offerings.


One hundred percent sustainably grown, free of gluten, and vegan – Sauvage is defining what it means to be Colorado wine. With their signature, transformational offering – ‘Sparklet Rosé’, a fresh perspective on Sparkling Rosé –  they’ve already proven they not only belong with the Big Boys, but they are one of the Big Boys. 


Their grapegrower (KS) is a third-generation resident of the Valley, and has grown grapes here for two decades. The area where the grapes are grown is an area he’s walked his whole life. He knows this soil, and knows how to get the best out of it.


Winemaker PM has blazed a path forward for years, bringing craft brewing experience into the world of wine to forge a new frontier. Taking what the earth has given them and transforming it into something other-worldly, Sauvage Spectrum is laying their claim as one of the pivotal players in the world of wine.

Evergood Adventure Wines

California Born, Colorado Developed



The Ones who solidified our mission of finding fun, unique wines that bring joy to those around them – this was absolutely Evergood.


After all, what’s more unique and fun than WINE MADE FROM LEMONS.


That’s right, you heard me – They don't make wine from grapes, they make wine FROM LEMONS.




Not only do they produce incredibly unique, never-heard-of-before (and literally didn’t believe it was possible) wines, they have an incredible story that centers on family, joyfulness, and redemption. The name of their flagship offering – ‘Skier Pee’ – shows what they are made of. The idea came from their then-11-year-old son (they live in Colorado, remember), and, knowing that some would look at it and scoff, but that others would realize it’s about placing people first, they took the envious step and decided to pin their entire existence on the bet that people would see it and have fun. And we’re so happy to help bring that to the world.


About the wine itself – lemons are brought from California (oh hi!) and the wines are produced around Colorado Springs. Incredible on their own, the wines can also be used to elevate cocktails (for any bar owners looking for some new material). And it’s just naturally fun to be sipping on ‘lemon wine’. It feels like we’re in the future, or some far-off land. Pretty dang awesome. 


A portion of the proceeds of the sales go to helping people with things, so that’s also pretty cool. 

EG Heart Warmer.jpg

The Blue Beryl Winery

Grand Valley, Colorado

What can we say about the Blue Beryl Winery? 


One thing – not enough.


This powerhouse mother/daughter duo is set to take the winemaking world by storm. The newest winery on our list, this female-owned winery is about artistry, family, and beauty.


From the sunshine-soaked estate on the property from which she was raised, the 27-year old winemaker, CK, has returned to her roots to craft something truly beautiful, truly authentic, truly approachable. And as an added feather in their cap, the museum-level labels which adorn the bottles also come from her hand. (Not only is she a winemaker, she is also a world-class artist.)


Seeking to blaze a path for others to follow, The Blue Beryl Winery (named after the Colorado State Gemstone) is here to stay. Malbec, Syrah, and Chenin Blanc are the first offerings, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy these and many, many more. 

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